Webinar “Framing strategies when emerging from a crisis”

Published by Phil Driver on

I recently gave this webinar to the UK Major Projects Association and the UK Association of Project Managers: https://youtu.be/ChKmEKGXw5Y

This webinar describes post-crisis strategic environments and argues the following hypothesis:

We need to think completely differently about strategies and strategic planning in complex, post-crisis environments:

  • The old way: create one strategy
  • The new way: mostly discover multiple strategies that are already working, validate them and disseminate them (plus a bit of ‘create strategies’)”

I then presented the case for a very succinct, ‘standard strategy format’ that we can all use and understand, thereby making collaboration much easier when we are trying to coordinate dozens or even hundreds of SubStrategies in complex strategic environments. Finally I presented the case for an International Library of Validated SubStrategies so that anyone anywhere in the world can find SubStrategies that have demonstrably worked elsewhere, download them and modify them (if necessary) to suit local conditions.

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