The OpenStrategies methodology will help you to:

  • Collaboratively develop, Validate and implement new strategies
  • Diagnose and refine existing strategies
  • Translate existing strategies into suites of Validated SubStrategies
  • Develop skills in collaborative strategy development
  • Enhance your skills through mentoring
  • Improve your strategy processes through customised OpenStrategies’ services

These services will help you create validated strategies that you can implement with confidence. You can learn to take these actions yourself or we can facilitate them for you.

Develop, Validate and implement strategies

Almost every single strategy involves multiple stakeholders who need to engage with and help implement the strategy. Also, most strategies impact on other strategies. We can help you to use the OpenStrategies approach described in Validating Strategies to design your inter-linked ‘matrix of strategies’ and then facilitate your stakeholder engagements and in-house processes so that you create Validated, effective, understandable strategies that can be implemented with confidence.

Diagnose strategies

In our experience, fewer than 10% of strategies have any impact, often because they are not actually strategies: they are not action plans supported by a rationale. We rapidly diagnose your existing strategies and provide recommendations to guide your refinement and validation of your strategies. Alternatively you can learn to diagnose and improve your own strategies by attending OpenStrategies training in validating strategies.

Translate strategies

A rapid way to identify and fill gaps in your strategies is to translate them into SubStrategies, identify missing Projects, Results, Uses and Benefits, and to create the Links between these concepts. Validating Strategies and From Woe to Flow guide you to find compelling Evidence that these Links are Valid. These books then guides you to correlate the value of the Benefits with the combined costs of the relevant Projects and Uses to determine whether or not your strategy is both globally and motivationally worth it.


Develop new skills in strategy development, Validation and implementation through OpenStrategies’ training courses and workshops. Learn: why most strategies fail to have an impact; how to engage most effectively with stakeholders; how to create and Validate SubStrategies; how to inter-connect SubStrategies into comprehensive OpenStrategies and; how to use From Woe to Flow to guide your implementation and performance management of your strategies.


The OpenStrategies methodology is deceptively simple, as indeed it must be if strategies are to be implemented.  However the real world is complicated and complex so it can be challenging to consistently create and validate SubStrategies based on real-world situations, even for people trained in OpenStrategies’ thinking.  We can support you by reviewing your draft SubStrategies and provide ongoing guidance to help you develop your skills to the point where you can create effective SubStrategies first time every time.

Customised services

The OpenStrategies methodology also enables the inter-linking of strategies (horizontally across topics and across organisations and vertically from aspirational high-level strategies to operational plans).  The methodology also guides strategy Validation, implementation, performance management, the correlation of organisational strategies with individual’s roles and the development of ‘master libraries‘ of ‘recyclable‘ SubStrategies. Contact us if you want learn more about the different ways the OpenStrategies methodology can assist you.