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Validating Strategies in the UK - visit in May by founder Dr Phil Driver

Dr Phil Driver, author of "Validating Strategies - Linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits" will be in the UK from the 30th April to the 10th May. He'll be running a webinar for the Project Management Institute (mid-day Tuesday 1st May) and evening events for the UK Association of Project Managers (Oxford 1st May; London 2nd May; Newcastle 9th May). Phil will also run a couple of 1 day introductory courses on Validating Strategies (London 2nd May; Birmingham 8th May).

If you would like to attend any of these events please email 

Webinar for UK Association of Project Managers

Here’s the link to a webinar I ran on the 22nd February 2018 week for the UK Association of Project Managers. This webinar summarises some of my latest thinking on OpenStrategies which will be discussed in more detail in my next book.


APM Webinar 22nd February 2018 12.30 GMT

I'll be running a webinar for the UK Association of Project Managers on Thursday 22nd February at 12.30 (1.30am on the 23rd here in NZ). Details are here:

Visit to the UK and Germany in May 2018

I'll be in the UK from Sunday 29th April to Thursday 10th May and will be running strategy courses and evening events in London (30th April to 4th May), Birmingham (5th May) and Newcastle (9th May) as well as other events that are still being planned.  I'll then be in Cologne from the 11th to 18th May. Merv Wyeth is organising my UK schedule so if you'd like more information on courses/events or would like to meet up when I'm in the UK, please contact Merv ( or me (  

Full Spectrum Accountability (PRUB-accountability)

PRUB-thinking provides an excellent framework for identifying and defining accountabilities as described in the attached paper.  

Validating Water Quality and Nutrient Management Strategies

Water is geographically widely distributed.  Therefore water quality cannot be fixed centrally - it must be fixed by local actions by local people.  So strategies to fix it must be understandable to everyone, especially locals.  Unfortunately most published water quality and nutrient management strategies are difficult for many people to understand.

Feedback from participants in our internationally certificated Validating Strategies Practitioner course

Feedback from participants in our internationally certificated Validating Strategies Practitioner course

“Thanks so much for a fantastic learning experience!”  (Consultant in the areas of aboriginal health and social justice, Sydney, Australia)

Is public policy the searched-for dark matter in the universe?

Does Public Policy = dark matter? We can feel its gravity pulling things down, but other than that it doesn't interact with the world as we know it....

Approaches to multi-stakeholder decision making

Thanks to Ian Seath and his newsletter:   

for this summary of approaches to decision-making that groups can use:

1.        Authority – the person with the most authority makes the decision (may be the most senior person). While it is efficient and fast, others may not agree, nor be committed to the decision.

Merron Simpson presenting OpenStrategies in London in June

Our UK lead Merron Simpson will be giving a conference presentation and workshop at the 20th Earned Value Conference (#eVa20) in London.  Here's the details including an enthusiastic description of OpenStrategies from the conference organisers.

Behaviour, relationships and politics within OpenStrategies

A reviewer of my book Validating Strategies recently commented that the book“… ends up with an “under-socialised” view of the world, i.e. not taking into account behaviour, relationships or politics. “

I found this perspective interesting because I always thought that our approach did take into account ‘behaviour, relationships and politics’, but maybe this didn’t come through clearly enough in my book.  This set me thinking and led me to come up with the following responses.  I welcome feedback.

Validating Strategies and 'Agile'

In a conversation with one of our Validating Strategies Practitioners Dan Randow, Dan raised the concept of how 'Agile' and Validating Strategies might have some overlap.  He postulated that Agile rapidly 'creates', and then tests what it has created, and that this testing primarily relates to the 'handover' in a PRUB-sequence, that is: "is the thing that has been created, i.e. a Result, fit-for purpose i.e. will it actually be Used or Adopted as planned?"    

'Community strategies' focus of the July 2015 Validating Strategies Practitioner course in Christchurch

The workshop exercises in the July 2015 Validating Strategies Practitioner course will guide participants to create ‘community’ strategies on topics such as: community resilience; sustainable communities; social housing; community engagement; healthy communities; rebuilding communities and so on.  So if you are grappling with any these topics then come along to this course where you will learn how to create and validate strategies and then apply your skills to create real-world strategies that matter to you.

Validating Strategies book - on-line viewing

'Validating Strategies - linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits' can now be viewed here: 



Benefits Summit

 Projects & programmes: a sure-fire way to creating business value?

Phil Driver's visit to Europe and Britain in November 2015

I'm expecting to be in the UK from the 9th-20th November and in Cologne from the 21st November to the 4th December 2015.  

I'll be presenting a paper at a conference in London on the 12th November and running MBA-level courses when in Cologne.

Editorial by Jonathan Norman, Publisher

The following editorial was written by publisher Jonathan Norman on gpmfirst, Gower's new soon-to-be-public site:



Changing the way we talk about strategy

GUEST EDITORIAL: Take a look at some of your current strategies: if they aren’t as effective as they could be, perhaps you need to rethink the language being used – especially the verbs – suggests Jonathan Norman.

Validating Strategies presentation to the Cologne International School of Design

Here's the link to my recent presentation to the KISD-talk series at the Koeln (Cologne) International School of Design.

This year's KISD-talk series focused on 'complexity', hence the topic of my talk.

Complex strategic environments require simple strategic actions

I recommend Dave Snowden's and Mary Boone's excellent paper which defines 4 strategic environments:

Slides from Validating Strategies webinar

Here's the slides from my webinar for the UK Association for Project Managers

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