Merron Simpson presenting OpenStrategies in London in June

Our UK lead Merron Simpson will be giving a conference presentation and workshop at the 20th Earned Value Conference (#eVa20) in London.  Here's the details including an enthusiastic description of OpenStrategies from the conference organisers.

Putting down the roots for Good Governance #eVa20

  • Conference: Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 June 2015
  • Location: Armourers' Hall, Moorgate, EC2R 5BJ London
  • Workshop: Thursday 18 June

Establishing a new relationship between Projects and Benefits [Merron Simpson, 17th and 18th June]

At her presentation on 17 June, OpenStrategies UK Lead, Merron Simpson, will argue that the Projects, Programmes and Portfolios that organisations undertake don’t deliver Benefits … it is how customers Use the Results of the Projects that creates Benefits.

To most organisations, learning this is a revelation!

As the penny drops, it brings a degree of enlightenment and insight about why Projects often don’t have the hoped-for impact. It then brings self-reflection as to what the organisation is actually doing and why. For those who embrace it fully, it brings a new dynamic in the relationship between the organisation and its customers as organisations develop a much deeper, more nuanced understanding of their customers and of the Projects they need to undertake and how they will be Used to deliver the desired Benefits.

OpenStrategies is capable of bringing about nothing less than a modern-day equivalent of the new relationship the Magna Carta established between the king and his subjects.

At the workshop on 18 June, Merron will explain in more detail how the OpenStrategies PRUB system for strategic planning works and how organisations are using it. She will demonstrate the system using some examples and show how it can be used to enhance accountability, a key element of good governance. There will be an opportunity to create a strategy using PRUB during the session.

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