Master classes in internationally-recognised strategy methodology to be held in Wellington, Christchurch, London and Cologne

29 September 2014

Validating Strategies, a book by New Zealand strategy expert Dr Phil Driver, described at recent Norwegian and UK conferences as ‘the project management holy grail’, will be demonstrated in master classes in Wellington next week and Christchurch the following week (see links below).

These internationally-certified master classes will show strategists, planners and project managers how to create successful projects that genuinely realise intended benefits.

The chair of the UK Association of Project Managers, Steve Wake, told the 6th Concept Symposium on Project Governance in Oslo that few projects end in success – which he defined as “realisation of the benefits, financial and/or social, commonly agreed – even if you are not a beneficiary.” He will present on a similar vein at the forthcoming Airbus conference ‘Making Projects Fly’ in Toulouse in October (see link below)

Mr Wake told the Symposium, “Projects are created without reference to benefits. Portfolios do not retain their dynamic links with the projects they created. The Board and senior management just look at the Portfolio and assume the links with the projects are there.”

He said the concept of PRUB, explained in the book <link>Validating Strategies by Dr Phil Driver</link>,  concisely defines the core 'process' of organisations – designing Projects to create Results such as infrastructure products and services which citizens, communities and customers Use to create Benefits for themselves.

“The main point to remember is that Results (deliverables/outputs/products) of a Project or Programme can never be Benefits”, Mr Wake said.

The Validating Strategies Practitioner Master Class, certified as an international qualification by University of Applied Sciences in Cologne Germany, is also being presented by Dr Driver in London and Cologne in November. It shows strategists, planners and project managers how to collaboratively develop and validate strategies; ie strategies which are logical; will genuinely work; and are worth it

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