Validating Strategies Book

Most strategies have little impact. Does yours have impact? Do you want a validated strategy that works?

Dr Phil Driver's book Validating Strategies and his internationally certified Master Classes for 'Validating Strategies Practitioners' ( identifies why most strategies have little impact.  The book then guides you and your team to develop, validate, share, and implement effective, well-written strategies that everyone can understand and which will have an impact. This applies to strategies for small single issues right up to multi-stakeholder, multi-issue strategies affecting thousands of stakeholders.

Validating Strategies is based on the simple yet powerful OpenStrategies system which in turn is built on the fundamental concept that the core function of all organisations is 'to create assets and enable people to use them to create benefits'.  Effective strategies must necessarily focus on and improve this core function.

OpenStrategies captures this core organisational function in the succinct sequence:

'Organisations run Projects to produce Results which customers and citizens Use to create Benefits' (PRUB)

Strategies created using this Projects-Results-Uses-Benefits sequence are:

  • straightforward to create
  • simple to 'validate' (i.e. to confirm that they will work and are worth it)
  • easy to share with all stakeholders
  • easy to cross-link with other strategies
  • clear to implement and performance-manage


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