PRUB-Basic Training


As you have no doubt discovered for yourself, creating and validating strategies that are effective and can be implemented is often a difficult and complex – and frequently unrewarding - process. 

Dr Phil Driver, the founder of OpenStrategy, believed there had to be a way of managing this complexity and producing strategies that could be implemented.   From his work, the OpenStrategy paradigm and PRUB methodology were born.

At present we have four programmes offering training in the theory and application of PRUB principles:

  • PRUB-Basic
  • PRUB-Thinker
  • PRUB-Practitioner
  • OpenStrategy Facilitator 

PRUB-Basic training will enable you to think more strategically.

PRUB-Basic consists of 8 modules that introduce you to the PRUB language and PRUB methodology at a basic level.  Both the language and the methodology have been, and continue to be, refined and modified and expanded over a number of years.

The topics covered in PRUB-Basic include understanding and working with the four PRUB Item types, Handover and Engagement, Links, and working with strategy and SubStrategies – again, at a basic level.

Once you've completed PRUB-Basic and can see how the PRUB philosophy and process offer a way to successfully manage the complexity of strategies, you can delve into the topic in greater depth by completing the PRUB-Thinker training course.

PRUB-Thinker training

PRUB-Thinker training will enable you to influence strategic thinking in organisations and multi-stakeholder groups.

PRUB-Thinker contains a further 10 modules in which the four PRUB Item types are examined in greater depth, as well as key concepts such as Orphan Results, the Handover, Links, Specificity and Consistency.  PRUB-Thinker also provides more opportunities for applying your knowledge of PRUB to the development of your own strategies or SubStrategies, using either existing strategic material or building on current relevant issues.  

Using PRUB-Basic and PRUB-Thinker

Once you have completed PRUB-Basic and PRUB-Thinker training you will be well qualified to use the PRUB-Validate web-tool for creating and validating SubStrategies

More advanced PRUB-strategic-thinker training (available now in workshop settings)

Advanced PRUB-strategic-thinker training such as PRUB-Practitioner training will enable you to be an agent for strategic change.  Advanced PRUB-strategic-thinker training is available from OpenStrategies (UK) Ltd (UK and Europe) and OpenStrategies Ltd (NZ and the rest of the world) and is provided on a case by case basis to match your needs.  Please contact us if you would like to build advanced capacity in PRUB-strategic-thinking.


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