Validating Strategies and 'Agile'

In a conversation with one of our Validating Strategies Practitioners Dan Randow, Dan raised the concept of how 'Agile' and Validating Strategies might have some overlap.  He postulated that Agile rapidly 'creates', and then tests what it has created, and that this testing primarily relates to the 'handover' in a PRUB-sequence, that is: "is the thing that has been created, i.e. a Result, fit-for purpose i.e. will it actually be Used or Adopted as planned?"    

If this postulate proves to be true then PRUB can guide exactly where such Agile testing should take place, i.e. at the handover from a Result to either a Use and an Adopting Project.  It suggests that it's good to have a clear PRUB-sequence (SubStrategy) defined before doing an Agile development and to test the effectiveness of whatever Result is being created by testing whether or not the Result is, or will be, Used as planned.

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